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Rekonstrukce bytů, koupelen, bytových jader a domů.
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Bourací práce

We develop and implement better interior design concepts for you so that you and all your guests could enjoy the unique atmosphere of your home.

Zednické práce

We create better interior experiences through space planning services. They are vital for a successful interior design project of your home or office.

Sádrokaronářské práce

Our specialists are ready to consult you on any interior design related topic. All you have to do is to contact us and we will organize a free consultation.

Elektrikářské práce

With years of experience, our experts can help you design your interior according to the ancient Feng Shui philosophy while saving time.

Instalatérské práce

Our designers will team with you to create your ideal landscape design plan. Their expert advice and solutions will deliver a plan to meet your needs.

Topenářské práce

Our professional decorators will be happy to help you change your house’s inner look without spending too much money on interior design.

Obkladačské práce

We believe that architecture should provide a seamless experience, from outside to inside. The starting point is to gain an understanding of a client’s needs and the way in which a room or sequence of spaces will be used. That’s exactly what our Interior Architecture service offers.

Malířské práce

Sometimes things just can’t be bought from the shops, and need to be handmade. That’s why our customers value us as a No. 1 soft furnishing supplier and manufacturer. We can give you any furniture and or soft furnishing you can imagine.

Podlahářské práce

Molder’s experienced team of LIF qualified Lighting Designers use the latest lighting calculation and design software to provide you with a FREE comprehensive and complete lighting design proposal. We create dynamic and intelligent lighting designs for our customers.

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